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World Travel Warehouse CAF Community receives exclusive discount on Travel packages



Dear Miliary Family, we offer the following military discounts for you and your families:


- $25-$100 or 2%-10% discount off tours, cruises, and vacation booking NET PRICES (before taxes/ other fees). We go with the total discount that best benefits the CF Member.


- 10% discount off regular booking fees for non-commissionable bookings (ex: airfare only).

Please see Fees page for more info


Offer available to entire CF Community, active and retired. One member of travel group must hold current CF1 card or military ID. Passport details will be verified.


World Travel Warehouse is owned by an active CF Member, and we’ve completed travel planning for many serving members during Afghanistan and other HLTA Rotos, as well as FRT, and are well aware of the specifics/restrictions pertaining to DND travel allowance.


1% of sales go back to Support Our Troops cause.


We are a full service travel agency. For inquiries or to book, contact an agent today through our main agency email: or, or our CONTACT US page and we will have someone contact you within 24 hours. Our website(s) are: and and our main agency telephone number is 709-726-3100 or Toll-free: 1-866-994-9898






Agents available:

Monday to Friday: 9AM to 9PM

Saturday: 9AM to 12 PM

Sunday: Closed


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